Polaris ATV 340

Polaris ATV 340
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Product Description

The fastest, most powerful suction-side automatic pool cleaner on the market. Completely redesigned with translucent, UV-resistant housing, snap-on hubcaps, spoke wheels and patented, reversible tires, Polaris' all terrain vac provides built-in durability and superior climbing performance. The Polaris ATV is suitable for a variety of pool finishes, and will vacuum floors and walls for all in-ground pools. A built-in reverse drive mechanism frees the ATV from pool obstacles and is still the only cleaner that vacuums in reverse.

Easily connecting to the skimmer or dedicated suction line, the Polaris ATV deposits small to medium debris directly into the pool filter. A flow regulator optimizes and automatically adjusts the water flow to the cleaner so it is always vacuuming, while the exclusive auxiliary inlet keeps water flowing to the pump, even if the throat gets clogged.