Vulkem 45 Flexible Joint Sealer Buff

Vulkem 45 Flexible Joint Sealer Buff
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Product Description

Vulkem 45

Product Description: Vulkem 45 is a one-part moisture curing, pour grade polyurethane joint sealant. Vulkem 45 does not require a primer on most construction materials.

Basic Uses: Vulkem 45 has been formulated for sealing expansion and control joints in parking garages, plazas, terraces, highways, bridges, swimming pool decks, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, floor and sidewalk joints.

Extraordinary adhesion, cohesion, abrasion and tear resistance are inherent in the base polymer. Vulkem 45 is suitable for use in continuous water immersion.

Used mostly to fill in expansion joints between pool coping and pool deck. Use foam backer rod to fill most of the joint, then apply the Vulkem to seal and waterproof the joint.